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I own a ton of $SSRM but kinda hoping for day 11 (close) just for the record books😂🚀🚀 https://t.co/71CM9lEGkf
$SSRM - day 11 red. Lol Here's my thesis. virtually all miners are red today on a decent move up in metal prices. T… https://t.co/pAfMg4LBx2
Fun P/E question. If $SSRM traded at it's peer multiple, what would the share price be?
textbook gap fill. 2 of them in one month 21.19 and 23.27 $SSRM current gap at 20.10 https://t.co/qzHAxUhr9E
$SSRM consecutive number of days red went back more than a decade - no comps this is final capitulation https://t.co/gcaDVbZ9US
jml (jmllubber) 3 days ago
$SSRM this sell off is in the mix with the others since last year Also now resting on trend line where other recove… https://t.co/G2RW812P41
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