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Ryan (dagrindonmymind) 3 hours ago
$TRNX I trusted you Scott!!! You were suppose to defeat the bears, NOT JOIN THEM😭😭😭 https://t.co/oQY9iyCPm6
Ryan (dagrindonmymind) 3 hours ago
$TRNX yo!!! I think I found Scott’s gun😂😂😂 Comes to find out, nothing was wrong with the bullets!!! He was using th… https://t.co/VhWJDeu3AW
Ryan (dagrindonmymind) 38 minutes ago
$TRNX I’m speechless at this point...
$TRNX Bottom is IN. Tomorrow/Monday and Next week, the smiles will return Hope got some $NETE shares by the tai… https://t.co/1jIJZi9foD
$TRNX .40 will be looking real good soon enough.! The Bottom is in at the .37 range. Look at chart, draw your sup… https://t.co/5RLMpfgVts
apppro (apppro1) 2 hours ago
@bartman1983 $TRNX ONLY real issue is what is going to happen to your split share price after Monday and before 1... https://t.co/dNUmEqossS
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