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sb (stb8444) 21 hours ago
actually this applies to any stock which runs up a lot as well, for example what happened to the nash trade. $mdgl https://t.co/gT5ol516af
Recent $VKTX technical alerts: New 52 Week Low plus 6 more alerts... https://t.co/1DezTiOUdc
$VKTX Above $8.70 I'll get excited again. Then @ $11.03 - That's where I'll expect #biotech news to push this back to winner status.
@jeromeleonard5 @sunrgu @Jessecdghi @BonanzaBiotech @BagholderQuotes 15.6% of $MDGL shares outstanding are sold sho… https://t.co/wzi7ubAiRu
JJ (jayabacus) 1 day ago
@MysteriousMole1 @jeromeleonard5 @sunrgu @Jessecdghi @BonanzaBiotech @BagholderQuotes $mdgl and $vktx are down abou… https://t.co/BxHDIekS59
@MysteriousMole1 @sunrgu @Jessecdghi @BonanzaBiotech @BagholderQuotes Seriously? What will you do if it goes up for… https://t.co/F6u0acpEqO
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