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Tickeron (Tickeron) 14 hours ago
$VNTR's 10-day Moving Average broke below its 50-day Moving Average on May 18, 2022. View odds for this and other i… https://t.co/faRFB8mCGq
Tickeron (Tickeron) 18 hours ago
How will this affect the market? $VNTR MACD Histogram turned positive on May 25, 2022. #VenatorMaterials… https://t.co/colNaQxpM9
Lone Elm (loneelmcapital) 20 hours ago
$VNTR up 12.5% on huge volume. Anybody know why? Prior spikes were on low volume, so curious. Still holding my lott… https://t.co/LKjrA1Z6eH
$REVB Penny stocks are getting hot again across the board as i mentioned earlier in the week. Former runner here wi… https://t.co/t85qD3j4AW
SOCIAL ACTIVITY: $VNTR - Venator Materials PLC Ordinary Shares https://t.co/scRdkGZLrz 📳 TradeIdeas via ⟶ https://t.co/VS8RO1bzXJ
10m shares traded in $VNTR... is that real? setup looking good.
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