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FABRI (FabriLemus7) 1 day ago
$TRIAS is our next x100 GEM💎 Is still early! don’t lose this free money pls 🙏🏻🙏🏻 share with your friends🙌🏻💰 $btc https://t.co/LfaJC0kpd3
@CryptoMichNL I like a lot the projects $VRA and $LIT . I am full in 💪💪 , what do you think of these projects..
@Paul04Trader $VRA looks ready to pop, considering an entry, wish I woulda got $0.02 but I’m not gonna be greedy😎🤙
spiecr (spiecr) 3 hours ago
I’ll give 2 random people 10k $VRA each. 🚀 Follow, retweet, like, and reply $VRA to enter. ✅ I’ll choose the win… https://t.co/oTyb4QZsmg
It’s getting close to the point where I start staking some more $VRA, or it breaks up and I miss this dip….. https://t.co/sIPG9KVcXS
Wayne (nightsdevilman) 3 hours ago
@Aki50267689 @YusufOk78435100 Do u have the $VRA adress for buy ?
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