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@HDTRInfo @tam8ta @BillyBubbadixie @lord_curzon Woke + Stoned Traitors of Greed @SundarPichai @BillGates kill USA j… https://t.co/6YHJn6x2KL
Iran also has "highly skilled" imported India #H1B #S386 #S386IsFair Parasites who steal USA jobs at $BAC $MSFT https://t.co/F8jbrSbb8X
MaxBrand (Max_Local) 11 hours ago
The John Lewis Partnership partners Wipro Limited to support new technology and change function The John Lewis Part… https://t.co/O04EpcQEDW
Wipro Limited's #EngineeringNXT and Thales Cloud Security collaborates to deliver a key webinar on #5Gsecurity. Ran… https://t.co/YdALtsZHml
Amit A Teli (Amit_A_Teli) 19 hours ago
HR Recruiter at Springbord Systems Private Limited and 37 more Recruitment jobs for you! https://t.co/2181bQsNoH Wi… https://t.co/WTVwOV5irE
Amit A Teli (Amit_A_Teli) 19 hours ago
JC Home Connect Master Supervisor Metro at Reliance Jio Infocomm Limited and 15 more Telecommunication jobs for you… https://t.co/CW90aVbeX1
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