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T_F: A topological space (X,τ) is said to be T_F if given any point x and any finite set F such that $x\notin F$ ,… https://t.co/FPjvls14nQ
@ghirapurigears I trade value for value with some people so I do care about prices and it’s neat to be like I pulle… https://t.co/4I75gpWYDK
Mary Engel (FaithRiver) 2 hours ago
@KnolesMichael I see I’m an hour too late, but can you help me determine the best way to evaluate, rank, sort, and… https://t.co/Wjt8WKpMts
Donatation amounts with more than one 0 after the first number are excluded from this statement, anything with $X00… https://t.co/c9gYvckcBl
$X: New SEC Filing for $X: Form 8-K (No. 0001104659-20-067783): https://t.co/TAdP0to1w6
@simonahac @Uber Same with hire cars. I always choose small manual cheapest 4 door. I often get offered upgrades fo… https://t.co/YIdGuOHs5V
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