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Zillow’s showing growth in it’s iBuyer business $Z $ZG https://t.co/0P1tqcdM4m
$ZG Zillow Group, Inc. - Clas Top stock up 129% from low. Close: 65.59 VolvsAvg: 1.01 Liq: $77M https://t.co/e6n378R4zR
$Z Zillow Group, Inc. - Clas Top stock up 126% from low. Close: 65.00 VolvsAvg: 1.25 Liq: $419M https://t.co/p1QymVHTt9
pretty sure their home flipping business is not responsible for the $Z rally.. they do have other businesses… https://t.co/Q9VvzrRPf3
Lickquids (lickquids) 39 minutes ago
Digging deeper on $Z $ZG , from a mortgage broker’s perspective: •Zillow sells their leads to up to 5 different le… https://t.co/Ac5Ev4QdE0
Ali Biggz (ABiggzHD) 20 minutes ago
Only 2 trading days this week on the small account 💥Managing Risk has become my #1 Goal!💥 This week Win % increas… https://t.co/LC3Ve4Ls6z
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