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max pain (optioncharts) 11 hours ago
$ZBH open interest for maturity 10/15/2021. High put=140.00 High call=150.00 PutCallRatio=2.08 #maxpain #options… https://t.co/BD5361AeuB
Warsaw-based Zimmer Biomet Holdings Inc. has named several members of the leadership team for its planned spin-off… https://t.co/0M5YH4fPgB
Zimmer Biomet Holdings, Inc current quarter revenue growth YoY of 65.30% ranked 915 out of 5574 companies in our da… https://t.co/oNMoCcUl3l
BLOCK 1167 $ZBH 11/19/21 $150 calls for $4.00 Spot: $144.70 Volume: 1,160 OI: 465 IV: 26.64% Premium: $466.8k
Large Print $ZBH Size: 150170 Price: 145.51 Time: 930 Amount: $21,851,236.70 - Delayed - For real time prints subsc… https://t.co/Ggjk5O0RTU
Tickeron (Tickeron) 2 days ago
$ZBH in Uptrend: price may jump up because it broke its lower Bollinger Band on September 10, 2021. View odds for t… https://t.co/1PGeXsptrV
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